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We are stardust ~ We are golden
Oh, look! Big mining thing. Oh, i love a big mining thing. See, way better than Rio! Rio doesn't have a big mining thing.

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цитаты из седьмой серии

We are stardust ~ We are golden
- You've swallowed a planet.
- I'm pregnant.
- You're huge.
- Yeah, i'm pregnant.
- Look at you. When worlds collide.
- Doctor, i'm pregnant.
- Oh, look at you both. Five years later and you haven't changed a bit. Apart from age and size.
- Good to see you, Doctor.
- Are you pregnant?

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цитаты из шестой серии

We are stardust ~ We are golden
That's a relief. I thought i'd burst out of the wrong cake. Again.

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цитаты из пятой серии

We are stardust ~ We are golden
A forest in a bottle, on a space ship, in a maze. Have i impressed you yet, Amy Pond?

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цитаты из четвёртой серии

We are stardust ~ We are golden
- The writing, the graffiti - Old High Gallifreyan. The lost language of the Time Lords. There were days, there were many days, these words could burn stars and raise up empires, and topple Gods.
- What does it say?
- Hello, sweetie.

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For the oak and the ash, and the bonny ivy tree all flourish and bloom in my north country.
что он все-таки имеет в виду?!

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цитаты из третьей серии

We are stardust ~ We are golden
- What does hate look like, Amy?
- Hate?
- It looks like a Dalek.

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Ich bin Ich
- Э, который премьер-министр?
- Британский.
- Какой британский?

Скажите, чье имя вы хотели там услышать? :lol::lol::lol::lol:

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цитаты из второй серии

We are stardust ~ We are golden
A horse and a man, above, below
One has a plan, but both must go
Mile after mile, above, beneath
One has a smile, and one has teeth
Though the man above might say hello
Expect no love from the beast below.

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цитаты из первой серии

We are stardust ~ We are golden
If you're a doctor, why does your box say police?

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Bowties are cool